S-Lon PE+

Our classic water tank manufactured using the Roto Moulding technology, high quality materials; S-Lon PE+ water tanks are manufactured to the highest of standards. While available in capacities of 350l, 500l, 750l, 1000l, 1500l, 2000l and 5000l, a threaded lid for security; S-Lon PE+ Water Tanks make for your ideal choice. Turn to S-Lon PE+ Water Tanks, and choose superior quality for your home today.


pe+ sizes chart


  • 5000l
  • 2000l
  • 1500l
  • 1000l
  • 750l
  • 500l
  • 350l

Installation instruction

  • 01. This Water Tank is not recommended for underground use.
  • 02. Place the Water Tank on a flat, smooth, even surface, strong enough to hold the weight of the tank.
  • 03. Install the Water Tank in the correct way as shown in the diagram and it is recommended to obtain the services of an experienced S-lon plumber.