PE+ PURA TECH 3 LAYER WATER TANK is made using premium food grade material to maintain the purity of water. It’s environmentally friendly blow moulding process ensures consistent wall thickness and higher environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR). Engineered with computer aided rib design to give it greater rigidity and robustness, PE+ PURA TECH 3 LAYER WATER TANK comes with a host of unique features to give you nothing but the best in water tanks.

Tank Dimension

Pura Tech 3 Layers Sizes Chart


  • Manufactured using FDA complied Food Grade Material.
  • Large manhole allows for easy cleaning of the inside of the tank
  • 3 layers provide insulation to the tank which helps to retain the original water temperature.
  • Dual lugs to facilitate convenient and easy lifting during installation of the tank.
  • Uniquely designed four shoulder reinforcements provide additional strength to the tank.
  • 10% extra capacity and more height provides extra pressure into the plumbing system
  • The ribbed wall adds extra strength to the structural stability of the tank and enhances its robustness.
  • Food grade inner white layer retains the purity of water and allows to check the cleanlinesss inside the tank.
  • Specially designed & convenient inlet socket facilitates easy installation of floater valves
  • Ergonomically designed unique matt finished sand blast lid